A Field Guide to Seeing New Land 

The Arctic, the Southern Andes and the South Pole are recognised as regions that are significantly changing due to the effects of the climate crisis on the landscape. With society becoming more conscious of the impact of climate collapse, large numbers of photo tourists now flock to these destinations to capture these rapidly and unnaturally changing landscapes. More than 74,000 tourists visited Antarctica alone in the 2019–2020 season, almost double the figures from a decade ago. 

A Field Guide to Seeing New Land observes what compels the enthusiast photographer to travel to places in traumatic change and how photo-tourists are instructed to take photographs of their temporary surroundings.

Acb Press 

Softcover 27cm x 19.5cm

36 pages + Cover

Also includes an 8-page concertina guide

Bound using white cotton, singer sewn

Printed on Pacesetter Lazer paper (HP 12000) Cover 300GSM, body 170GSM, Concertina printed on Eco star uncoated 250GSM

Edition of 150